We would like to thank you for purchasing and for giving us the opportunity of creating this value. In this document you will find our warranty and also tips in how to make your sign most effective and how to make it last longer. 


ADVANCED MULTI SIGN Corporation provides all warranties on the components used in the fabrication of our product (such as: plastic, metals, circuits, transformers, ballasts, switches and etc) are to be effective according to the warranties of manufacturer of each individual component. Product Assurance of 90 days onsite labor service is included and covered. Warranty excludes rentals of additional equipment to reach sign. Warranty becomes effective the same day of installation and will expire one year after installation date.


All our product components are approved and tested by Underwriters Laboratories.


Our products are certified by U.L inspectors and local building code inspectors.


Advanced Multi Sign is not responsible for any damages to the sign(s) caused by a second party. For example: a short circuit on the electrical line to the sign or someone or something crashing into the sign.


Any maintenance performed on the sign by any company other than Advanced Multi Sign will automatically void the warranty.


Warranty does not cover damages caused by forces of nature.


Warranty is null & void if sign is not paid in full.


This document is also included as part of your contract.